What is sleep consultation

What is Newborn Sleep Consultation?

What is it?

A Newborn Sleep Consultation is a short-term sleep professional service that can help children enjoy better quality and quantity of sleep. The consultation is typically booked when parents are experiencing concerns about their baby’s sleep habits. In these early stages, it may be difficult to figure out what exactly the baby may need in order to rest properly. The sleep consultation can also be helpful for parents who are just not sure what to expect from their baby’s sleep patterns.

Why is Sleep Important for Newborns?

There is a great deal of mental and physical development that occurs while a newborn is sleeping, whether you are aware of it or not, it is happening. To explain a little more, there is a layer of fat called myelin that forms around the nerve fibers while your baby is sleeping. And some studies show that this layer of fat allows for healthier brain development within the left and right hemispheres, increasing the newborn’s wellbeing.  Shaping proper and effective development of impulse control, language and attention. There is a direct positive correlation between a baby that sleeps well and their brain activity. Put simply, the better your baby sleeps, the healthier they grow.

What is a Healthy Newborn Sleeping Pattern?

Good sleeping patterns for babies are typically the same for most newborns. Newborns sleep a total of approximately 8 to 9 hours in the day, and closer to 8 hours at night. However, their stomachs are small so they need to wake every few hours for food. Most babies don’t sleep through the night until at least 3 months of age. There are some exceptions to these numbers and that is where parents seek professional help from a person that specializes in teaching newborns proper self soothing mechanisms that allow for them to fall asleep on their own and develop healthy sleeping habits.

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