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All packages include my hand-down knowledge on early childhood development that combined with your parental instinct will help you communicate and teach your child good sleeping habits among other best practices. Supporting caregivers through empathy is our goal in coaching. We are newborn experts, and our focus is on the baby’s well-being as we foster healthy sleep and feeding habits. You will be empowered to lead your infant into healthy and restful sleep. You will also learn how habits are formed and how to fade out unhealthy ones and to understand how infants learn and communicate guiding you through implementing good sleep and feeding habits. 

Package #1 Newborn

  • The duration of this package is 12 to 16 weeks.
  • For ages: newborn – 2 months old.
  • 1-week-old babies – start the nursing plan and transition into an independent sleeper without night feedings at around 12 weeks of age.
  • Babies are trained typically by the 8th and 9th weeks of age.
  • consultation call.
  • Questionnaire on infant’s development via email.
  • Develop a personalized no cry sleep plan for your child with step-by-step instructions via email.
  • A newborn-coached care guide.
  • 3 hours of Coaching and support: one 15 minutes weekly phone call to be used at your discretion.
  • Unlimited texts and email coaching and follow-ups throughout the sleep training.
  • Sleep log weekly evaluations.
  • Schedule and routine transition planner with naps and wake windows set in place according to age.
  • Pacing infant into following sleeping and feeding schedule routines.
  • Introducing good sleep habits for the baby.
  • Help infants to self-soothe and sleep independently through the night.
  • Weaning of overnight feedings at around 12 lbs. or over.
  • Design a holistic and relaxed sleep environment for the infant.

Package #2 Via Text Coaching Only

  • The duration of the package is 2 – 6 weeks.
  • For ages: Three months – to 5 years old
  • Consultation questionnaire about your infant’s development via email to assess the current infant’s sleeping situation and learn about your sleeping goals with your infant. To get a sense of the best sleep solution for your baby’s goodnight’s rest. Based on experience and learnings, I will tailor your personalized sleep plan according to your family’s lifestyle and needs.
  • Questionnaire about your infant’s development via email
  • Evaluation of your sleeping goals and infant’s current sleep habits, routines, and stage development.
  • Develop a personalized no cry sleep plan for your child with step-by-step instructions via email.
  • 6 hours of coaching = Through text and emails with answers and solutions on the training. 
  • Design a holistic sleep environment for infants.
  • Weekly Sleep log analysis on infant’s progress.
  • Six follow-ups.  Once a week via text.                           
  • Weaning of the overnight feedings if the baby is 12 lbs. or over.
  • According to your child’s developmental age, a scheduled night and day routine is designed with the correct number of naps and amount of sleep and an awake window in between a set feeding schedule.
  • Designed a Holistic sleep environment for the Infant.

Package #3 Via Zoom and Unlimited text

  • The duration of this package is 2 – 12 weeks long or until the baby conquers sleep.

  • Babies are typically trained in 1 to 2 weeks time.
  • Ages 3 months to 5 years old.
  •  Consultation call to assess the infant’s current sleep habits and your sleeping goals.
  • Questionnaire on your infant’s development via email, a guide to planning according to your baby’s needs.
  • Develop a tailored, personalized sleep plan for infants with step-by-step instructions on how to implement it via video call and email.
  • Establish daytime and nighttime routine with naps and awake windows according to infant’s age.
  • Set a holistic sleep environment for infants.
  • Sleep log daily evaluation on infant’s progress.
  • Weaning overnight feedings.
  • 1 weekly 15-minutes coaching call is scheduled at your convenience.
  • Unlimited text and email coaching for up to 6 weeks.
  • Six follow-ups = one a week.

In Person Consultation

  • 1-hour consultation is available if in Miami Dade or Broward County in Florida.

Virtual Consultation

Sleep Regression Solution Plans