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Remote and in house consultation

Baby Snooze & Care has a team of loving and professional women  with over 40 years of experience using the best methods and strategies for your baby to finally conquer bedtime.

As the day wines down, you shouldn’t dread the night!

Many new parents all over the world are dealing with sleep deprivation due to irregularities in their newborns/toddler’s sleeping cycles.

The way you and your baby sleep at night reflects tremendously on your day to day functioning.

With the expert team assembled and ready for you, you will have:

  • Personalized service and care
  • Open bridge of communication
  • A consultant that cares deeply about your progress

Our Services

What We Offer

baby Snooze and care

Baby Sleep schedule & routine planning


Newborn & baby Sleep Consultation


Baby Sleeping Habits Adjustment

baby Snooze and care

Baby Feeding Habit Adjustment 


Personalized Baby Sleep Training 


Newborn & Baby Self Soothing Therapy

Our Packages

Package #1

Via Phone And Video Call

12-16 Weeks Long


For ages: newborn – 2 months old.
Consultation call
3 hours of Coaching and support
A newborn-coached care guide
Unlimited text and email coaching and follow-ups throughout the sleep training
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Package #2

Via Phone And Video Call

2 - 6 Weeks Long


For ages: Three months – to 5 years old
Consultation questionnaire
6 hours of coaching
Set holistic sleep environment
Weaning overnight feedings at 12lbs and over
Sleep log evaluation
Designed a Holistic sleep environment for the Infant
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Package #3

Via Phone And Video Call

2-6 Weeks Long


For ages 3 months to 5 years old
Consultation call
1 weekly 15-minutes coaching call
Unlimited text and email coaching for up to 6 weeks Weaning overnight feedings
Set a holistic sleep environment
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In Person Consultation


Includes :

1-hour consultation is available if in Miami Dade or Broward County in Florida.
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Virtual Consultation


Sleep Regression Solution Plans


What We Offer

Why Baby Snooze & Care?

We are with you along the way: We are driven to provide the best service for you and your baby, but we are also driven to involve you in the process.

Love is key: Our team of consultants are loving experts in their craft with a solid sleep consultant background, backed with 40 years of experience.

Constant Learning: The development of our strategies and tactics is taken very seriously. Our sleep consultants are constantly training and learning for you.

baby snooze and care

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